Longevity-6 (57% OFF wholesale price a case of 12) that’s only $4.30 each meal!

(10 customer reviews)

$1,200.00 $516.00

(57% OFF wholesale price) 1 case = 12 pouches or 3 months of the healthiest food on earth! This wholesale price is for those who know just how special Longevity-6 is and how powerfully healing it is. Order now to lock in this special wholesale price and receive automatically every 3 months. Pause anytime. At this price only $4.30 per meal!! Even junk food costs more than this. And Longevity-6 is 100% Organic! The last 100% Organic food here.

Sharing Is Caring



Sharing Is Caring

10 reviews for Longevity-6 (57% OFF wholesale price a case of 12) that’s only $4.30 each meal!

  1. Berry

    This is really great! I had been looking for food this healthy for a very long time.

    • Dr Wayne

      SO glad you found it Berry!

  2. Sam

    This is so great! I can take Longevity-6 everywhere I go and can eat it anytime.

    • Dr Wayne

      Yes you can Sam!

  3. Judy

    This tastes great! I did not expect that. Thank you for providing this special food.

  4. Linda

    I’ve lost 33 lbs so far and haven’t been to the gym all yearπŸ˜€

  5. Adeline

    I didn’t think I would like the taste, but I definitely do and I think everything healthy should taste like this. This is great.

    • Dr Wayne

      Truly healthy food is supposed to be delicious, it’s just that nothing out there is as healthy as L6 πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

  6. Hally

    I started replacing my lunch at work with Longevity-6 and so far I have noticed my energy is much higher in the middle of the day and when I get home I’m not that tired. This is really great. Thank you so much.

    • Dr Wayne

      Your benefits have only begun. Wait until next month πŸ˜‰

  7. Jasmin

    Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to tell you I truly enjoy Longevity-6. I didn’t know food could be this healthy and this delicious, without added sweeteners.

    • Dr Wayne

      So glad to hear that Jasmin!

  8. Barney

    It’s been 3 months now and thought to leave a quick review. I must admit I have never felt this great and I haven’t slept like a baby, since I was a baby. Thank you so much for Longevity-6.

  9. Bradly

    Bookmarked!! I love Longevity-6!

  10. Lille

    I finally found 100% Organic food. Thank you!

    • Dr Wayne

      You’re very welcome Lille. Keep up the great work!

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