Longevity-6 (singles)

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1 resealable pouch provides you 7 meals per week! All ages can benefit from this amazing food, because everyone needs food to stay alive, but everyone needs this food to live longer and stronger!

Our contaminated environment, highly toxic soil and various labs around the country produce all the ‘food’ and ‘drinks’ you see on store shelves. And when you eat and drink these contaminated ‘foods’, you gradually become sick, until you are chronically ill! Do you want this for yourself and for your family? If no, then you need to start eating this every day, starting right now. Seriously, your life and the lives of your family depend on the decision you make right now. Will you keep eating and drinking what everyone does OR will you start eating and drinking what the masses do not eat? Your decision right now will control how much healthier you become or how much sicker you become. Stock up for yourself and everyone in your family.

While you are eating your Longevity-6, you will never need anything else! This means you do not have to buy vitamins, supplements, protein powders, probiotics or anything else for your health! Imagine all the money you will save every day, plus not have to shop or prepare a healthy meal each day. And don’t get me started on the money you will save on medical bills – this is the next chapter in your life.

Sharing Is Caring



Sharing Is Caring

4 reviews for Longevity-6 (singles)

  1. Sandra

    Love the new redesign! I have been replacing 1 meal each day with Longevity-6 for years and I can never go back. Never have I had this much health in my life and it’s all because of Longevity-6.

    • admin13

      That is wonderful Sandra! Same for us, too. This is the healthiest food on earth.

  2. Wendy

    The Longevity-6 arrived today and I look forward to starting. Quick question. Can I mix too much?

    • admin13

      You can never mix too much, since it’s not possible to become too healthy. Keep up the great work Wendy!

  3. Oscar

    I finally weaned myself off caffeine and sweets by mixing a table spoon every time I felt a craving and per advice the cravings disappeared after a couple months. I really appreciate your help Dr Wayne.

    • admin13

      Congratulations Oscar! Keep up the great work.

  4. Trish

    I started last week and today I woke up feeling amazing. Not a single ache anywhere and I actually slept a full 8 hours without tossing and turning. Truly awesome. Thank you.

    • admin13

      That’s wonderful Trish! This is just the beginning, so keep going.

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